Barn weddings hit the mainstream in recent years. It almost seemed like anyone with an old barn and some cash opened up a wedding venue. Barn weddings are still in style and will likely be for awhile, but newer trends have emerged that incorporate the rustic theme of rural Ohio without being so obvious.

Barn Weddings versus Rural Weddings in Ohio

For the most part, all barn weddings are rustic and rural feeling. A barn wedding is simply a wedding that takes place on a farm or in a barn. A rustic wedding is any wedding that takes place outside of a major city, usually in a small town or village.

Barn weddings can be very cool and beautiful, however it’s very difficult to have a barn wedding that is unique from all the other barn weddings. Because it’s hard to decorate a barn into anything else, it’s likely going to be similar to every other wedding hosted there. If that’s the theme you’re going for then, it’s perfect for you!

Disadvantages of Barn Weddings in Ohio

If you’re considering tying the knot in Ohio, there are a few things to remember before making your decision. First and foremost, barn weddings may be popular among couples looking to save on costs, but they come with some disadvantages that should be considered before making the switch. Here are four of the biggest.

The environment can be limiting. Barns are very specific venues and decorating it into anything else is a challenge. Some barn venues also lack specific areas for the bride and groom to get ready and were designed as an afterthought instead of as a wedding venue from the very beginning.

Alternative to Ohio Barn Weddings

If you like the feel of rural Ohio, but want something a little different, Greenhouses and Conservatories are a more modern choice. You still are surrounded by the natural beauty of rural Ohio without having to pigeon-hole yourself into one type of wedding.

Everhart Gathering Place offers the perfect mix of rustic charm and modern elements. Many couples love the industrial look of our grain bins, the rustic look of the cabin, but the modern conveniences of our venue. Contact us today to schedule a tour!