Can wedding planning be fun? Absolutely! Will it also be stressful? Definitely. There are countless factors you’ll need to consider and tackle. Finding a venue that’s just the right size for your big day. Finding dress styles that fit the theme of the ceremony and reception, and even finding a photographer with enough experience to take beautiful pictures on your wedding day. Read this blog post for some great ideas on how to be less stressed during your wedding planning!

Plan it Together

Before the planning process starts, you and your future spouse should make a list of what each of you absolutely want out of your special day. Identify qualities that are non-negotiable to help keep resentment from building. Often times if one person’s needs aren’t met, their feelings may be jeopardized. After both parties agree to what they need out of the wedding, set a fixed budget and start narrowing down venue options and budgets together instead of separately.

Plan Ahead

Making the decision to plan ahead of time is just as important as it seems. It will reduce your stress and you’ll be confident that everything will work out without problems. The more anxious you are about upcoming big events, the sadder you’ll be when something doesn’t go as planned. You’ll end up with a greater emotional investment in these events. Buy a planner or use an app to help stay organized during the entire planning process.

Remember It’s Not All On You

Be accountable for your actions, but don’t feel like you need to be in control of everything (or at least let your partner know this). Sometimes it’s good to give yourself permission to say “no” when you really need to, and help when you want to as well. Taking a step back and getting help might make you feel less in control, but it will make you feel a lot less stressed as the big day approaches.

Be Flexible

Despite a lot of research, the perfect plan may not be achievable. So if there is any area where you can compromise or tweak your plan, don’t hesitate to make those adjustments. Something as simple as an improperly sized cake which could have been upsized, for instance, could make you happy! Or maybe cake isn’t even in the budget and a desert table is more realistic. Don’t hesitate to break traditions if you want!

Ask For What You Want

It is also important to set boundaries for what you will and won’t do. If your loved ones try to get you to take on duties that don’t feel right to you, determine whether this is something that is worth fighting about or compromising. You should never agree to an unreasonable request because it might be easier in the moment. A lot of family members will likely have a lot of opinions, and while you don’t need to be bridezilla, boundaries are super important during the planning process.

Stay Consistent

You may be tempted to start a new workout plan, cut out social media or cheese from your diet for a few days – but the truth is that the change is too big. It’s not sustainable and it will add more stress than it’s worth. But with little changes made consistently, you can gradually train your brain to function better and have more control over how you react. We are currently loving the book Atomic Habits, if you want to make those small changes

Clear Your Head And Get Some Rest

Work for the wedding day usually starts at least a year in advance.  There are a lot of little details that go into planning a truly spectacular event, and there are typically many other people involved who have to agree on certain decisions. Working from home adds an extra layer of complexity because it can be hard to completely unplug during the workday – even if you do set boundaries with your spouse or partner. It’s okay to unplug every once in a while and let your brain rest from wedding planning.

Embrace The Chaos

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. You have to find a dress, a location, a venue, and someone to take care of the food. It’s important to remember that, while your vision of the perfect wedding may be clear in your head, it will never come through 100% on the day due to unforeseeable events. Reflect on this when you’re feeling frustrated with all the variables you’re dealing with, and just know that it’s really okay that things didn’t go according to plan. All the things you are worried about, we promise your guests won’t even notice.


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