Many venues close around 10 PM. For some brides and grooms that is plenty late. For others, that’s when the party is just getting started. Check out our top ideas for ways to get together with your guests post-wedding reception fun. 

Arrange A Post-Wedding Reception Campfire

If you want to offer a more casual vibe, a post-wedding campfire is a great way to wind down. It allows for reflection and conversation. Some Ohio venues provide this for a small additional cost. 

Have everyone bring their favorite story, song, or poem that they wrote while attending your wedding. Sit around the fire and share stories with your guests. Make s’mores or other late night foods cooked over the fire. Bring some coolers with post-wedding drinks. It will be a fun way to remember your special day.

Just make sure to let all the guests know so they can bring something to change into so everyone’s nice wedding clothes don’t end up smelling like campfire. 

Rent Out a Bar or Restaurant

If you’re looking for some post-wedding reception fun and festive to do on your post-reception wedding day, consider renting out a bar or restaurant. This will give your guests a chance to let loose and have a great time. You can also make reservations in advance to ensure that you’ll have enough space for everyone.

Most places offer spaces you can find to rent out the room. You can set up a limit for free drinks and provide appetizers or just let guests pay for their own drinks. 

Coordinate a Day after Brunch

After your wedding, you and your guests will want to enjoy your time together. One great way to do this is to coordinate a day after brunch. This will give everyone a chance to relax and spend time together.

Some venues provide this option so check with your venue if this is a route you’re considering. You could also have it catered or find a local restaurant who can accommodate a larger group of guests. Most couples opt to invite close family instead of a large group to get to chat with loved ones before heading off on their honeymoon. 

Rent an Airbnb Large Enough for a Post-Wedding Reception Gathering

If you’re planning a post-reception wedding, consider renting an Airbnb large enough to fit everyone in for an after party! Not only will your guests have a place to relax and celebrate after the wedding, but you’ll also save money on hotels.

While the couple won’t likely want to stay with their guests, a parent or wedding party could rent it to stay and then bring the party there after the reception is over. 

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