Winter weddings are always a gorgeous affair, but the season’s chill may make event planning more difficult. Fortunately, with the right venue and the right mindset, your winter wedding will be more magical than you could have ever imagined. 

The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

The most common benefit of a winter wedding is the dramatic winter landscape. The setting includes open fields of fresh snow, Christmas lights twinkling on branches, soft light created by the silver moonlight. There’s something just so special about saying “I do” with a chill in the air and the love that seems to always surround the holidays. 

OK – plus let’s not forget especially in the Midwest, prices tend to be less during the off season. So there’s that too. 

Pick The Right Venue

Make sure your wedding venue hosts winter weddings regularly. In these cases, they will be prepared for heavy snow, ice, and other factors prevalent in the winter. When interviewing venues, make sure you ask what their plan is to make sure your Great Aunt Mary doesn’t slip on the ice when she’s entering your reception. If the coordinator can’t answer these questions immediately and confidently, you may want to hesitate having your winter wonderland wedding at that venue. 

Make the Most of the Winter Landscape

Winter weddings have a completely different feel than a summer wedding. Winter weddings can be decorated more elegantly with lots of lights and flowers. The decorations should match the mood of your winter themed wedding. There is a lot less color in winter, so candles and white flowers can make a stunning interior with the white, winter backdrop. If your venue has lots of windows, let the backdrop do your decorating and save time and money by making the most of the landscape. 

Stay Away From Being Too Literal

Unless you’re actually getting married on Christmas Day, try to stay away from being too literal with your decorations. While Poinsettas can add a nice touch, you don’t need to go overboard. The day should be about your wedding and Christmas or Hanukkuh should be about those days. Don’t feel the need to intertwine the two too intimately. 

But, Don’t be Scared of Incorporating some Holiday Cheer

You don’t need to have Santa awkwardly sitting in the corner with a drunk bridesmaid on his lap, but you also don’t need to forgo all the holiday cheer as well. A festive signature cocktail in a holiday-themed cup is a great way to have some nuanced holiday decorations without having the idea of Christmas or Hanukkah overshadowing your big day. 

A winter wedding goes against tradition for a lot of people, but it has some major benefits as well. You won’t be competing for as many venues, caterers, and other weddings, and your guests can actually enjoy your big day instead of feeling like just another wedding they have to attend. 

If you’re interested in booking a winter wedding, with a venue who specializes in these events, please reach out, or book a tour at Everhart Gathering Place in Northwest Ohio.