After the pause on group gatherings of 2020 and the awkward attempts at throwing a wedding in early 2021, we are finally at a point where it’s safe to gather in large groups again, and people are taking note. Wedding venues are getting booked years in advance as people celebrate their big day. Covid gave everyone the chance to reevaluate a lot of things, and with that, people are taking a look at weddings to decide what traditions are worth keeping and what new trends are on the horizon. Check out our top three wedding trends of 2022.

Gatherings in Big Spaces

After social distancing for so long, people want to gather in groups again, but realistically people enjoy not being crammed into small spaces. Couples opt for stunning outdoor spaces and large indoor venues for 2022 to host their large event but still provide the space guests want. After so many small quaint weddings recently, larger weddings are much more popular, and brides and grooms flock to larger venues big enough to host a big celebration.

Unconventional Wedding Ideas

For 2022 the customary traditions are being thrown out the window. Traditional invitations and stationary showcased a couple’s wedding theme but tended to be unnecessarily expensive. Some couples are opting for customized invites sent through text or email. Couples are ditching wedding cakes for dessert tables and opting out of other traditions that are now dated or unnecessary. For 2022 it’s pretty much anything goes as couples evaluate which practices are essential.

Will It Be Black Tie? White Tie? Or Casual Chic?

Although a good black tie wedding will always stay in style, the smaller weddings of 2021 have had a lasting effect, and many are turning to more casual attire. Some couples are sticking with the tradition of formal/dressy attire, but many are opting for something a little different, whether casual or even themed weddings. If you are doing something less traditional, just be clear on the invitations, so people don’t feel out of place when they arrive!

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