Just because you’re committed to traditional values (or even if you’re not) doesn’t mean you want a traditional wedding. These creative wedding ideas are sure to shake things up and keep your wedding memorable.

Weddings are pretty uniform in most respects. The bride wears a dress, an aisle being walked, plans for the reception…Traditions are uniform but breaking the uniform can be refreshing. So what is an average wedding? Whether you want to call it the norm or not, walk down the aisle in cowboy boots, crocs, or converse, have dessert at the cocktail hour, just do it. But do it because that’s your style, not because you want to seem different. Some traditions exist because they’ve worked for years and years. 

Get Back to the Basics

This might be unpopular advice, but instead of trying so hard to be different (just like everyone else) make it more traditional, but with your own flair. 

“I do often hear brides and grooms sharing their ideas thinking they’re innovative,” says Danielle McWilliams, venue coordinator at Everhart Gathering Place. “We definitely see some neat ideas, but I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re especially different from anyone else.” 

So instead of obsessing over Pinterest on how to make it stand out, think about how to make it highlight you as a couple. 

If the Basics Bore You

Start by hiring a wedding coordinator. They definitely have the inside pulse on what everyone is doing, and if everyone is doing it, it won’t make yours stand out. Pull traditions from other cultures. We’re not about appropriation here, but maybe there are cool traditions in other countries such as Hora Loca in Latin America or the all-day celebrations typical in India. 

Try out different ceremony staging. We love this circular staging instead of a traditional pattern. Have something totally random as your specialty cocktail like a Mezcal-based drink if you’re from the Midwest and it’s not as popular. Or better yet, a mixologist would be super cool. Portion off some of your budget to something fun and memorable instead of boring and traditional (five-tiered wedding cake, we’re looking at you). Do a major throwback and put disposable cameras on all the tables instead of Polaroids or a photobooth. We love polaroids too, but trust us it’s not going to make your wedding stand out. 

What will best make your wedding unique is to make it about you and to highlight you. Don’t lose yourself in trying to make it standout so much that it stops feeling like you. The best weddings are the ones that feel seamless, are at a beautiful wedding venue, and have plenty to eat and drink. And of course that authentically celebrate the love of the couple. 

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