Wedding ceremonies and receptions can be so hectic that it’s hard to keep track of the little details. Read on for some important wedding planning details for your big day.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have lost traction throughout the years but can be such a thoughtful way to thank your guests for coming. This is a place where you don’t have to spend a ton of money but can provide something for your guests to remember the special day, from potted succulents to a photo booth or a candy bar. Letting the guests know you care with something personal and thoughtful is such a critical added touch.

Photography Wedding Details

A good photographer will have a list of the details you should consider having. Still, just in case they don’t, a couple of items that make great photos are your invitations and stationery, any family heirlooms, and any personalized gifts. Your photographer might not even know that you have an embroidered hanky or your shoes are vintage unless you tell them, so make sure you make a list before the actual day of the small things that should get documented to add that wow factor to your wedding album.

Ceremony Seating

If you prefer your guests to sit on a particular side or not, it’s helpful to have some guidance for your guests. You can be uber traditional and have aisle attendants. You can be super innovative and create a cool sign, but make it clear. If you want your immediate family to sit in the first row, block that off. Otherwise, people won’t know where the family is supposed to sit, and you will end up having a few empty rows up front.

Traveling with Flowers

Wedding flowers can get complicated. Ideally, your florist will deliver your flowers on the day of the wedding, but if your florist isn’t local, you might need to make arrangements to keep them looking perfect. If you’re traveling with your flowers or setting them up the day before, you need to ensure that they are correctly cared for so they aren’t all wilted on the big day. Also, don’t forget the small details like boutonniere pins for the men or petals for the flower girl.

Weather Forecast

If your wedding is indoors, you might not give much thought to the weather forecast, but there are still plenty of weather considerations even if you won’t be outside for long. If it’s a humid day, make sure to have extra hairspray for the bride. If there’s any chance of rain, you will want to have plenty of umbrellas for both the bridal party and the guests. If you have a winter wedding and there’s a chance of snow, you will want to be sure that the drive will be plowed. You don’t have to obsess about the weather since you can’t control it, but you do want to keep it in mind to control the things you can control.

Weddings are a great time to get together with family and friends. However, getting caught up in the big picture can be easy, and you forget about the small but important details. While the big things count, the small things can make all the difference.